Get Coin Master Free Spin Link Daily Updated

Coin Master is the new game in town that is creating waves in the gaming industry and has millions of followers worldwide. The game is available on iOS, Android, and Windows phones. Developed by the Israel based company, Moon Active, it is the most used interactive game now.

The player has to spin a virtual slot machine to start the game. You can purchase spins to get more coins with which you can purchase items to build Viking Villages.

Daily Coin Master Free Spin Links

Every player is eligible for 5 Free spins for every hour that he plays. He is also eligible for claiming free spins by involving in different activities in the course of the game.

As mentioned earlier, when you start the game, you get five free spins, and after that, you get five free spins every hour that you play. Now, the idea behind this game is to collect more and more coins with which you can purchase items to build your village.

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To get more coins, you have to get more spins on the slot machines.

There are a few ways in which you can get free spins. The internet is crowded with hundreds of links that offer advice on how to get unlimited spins in the Coin Master game.

Are all of these links real, and are they giving genuine guidance to the gamer? Well, this is a question that deserves a very straight answer. And the answer is that none of these promises or opinions is practical.

How To Get Coin Master Free Spin Daily

The truth is that these are developed by elements that are taking advantage of the popularity of the game and are making money out of it.

The fact remains that there is a hack to get unlimited or free spin in the Coin Master game. But the game has provisions inbuilt with which you can generate free spins and go to higher levels in the game. These are practical ways by which you can avail of more free spins.

Invite friends on Facebook to get free spins

This is a popular method by which you can get more free spins. Coin Master rewards the user who invites and convinces others to join the game with free spins.

You are eligible to get 25 free spins when you can convince a friend on Facebook to join you in this game. Similarly, you can invite a large number of your friends on other social media like Twitter to get more free spins.

Create Multiple Facebook accounts

To do this, you first need to open a temporary email address. You can do this from websites like

Next, use the Incognito mode to create a Facebook account. This method is difficult but very effective in generating more free spin. This method is, however, unethical and not done by a responsible net user.

Join Facebook groups dedicated to the Coin Master game

This is a useful method to generate Free Spins. Search the Net for Facebook groups dedicated to playing Coin Master. Use the keyword “Coin master Free Spin” and search for these groups.

If you are successful in connecting with such groups, you will be able to start generating more free spins.

Join Coin Master Trading Groups on Facebook

This is another useful method to generate more free spin. Join Master Trading groups on Facebook and trade cards with them. One part of the Coin Master game is to collect cards to complete a deck to move to the next level. This option could be useful.

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